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    You are about to book your next holiday and are not sure about the type of accommodation: will we be next to the pool?  Will we have a nice view?  Will the terrace be in the sun? Will it be quiet…?

    It’s hard to make up your mind and book a holiday when you don’t know the campsite…

    Selected for you

    Each Coté Ô campsite manager, with their knowledge of the area, the “little extras” of certain pitches and the attractions of their campsite, has concocted their favourite selections for you!

    The Coté Ô directors know that this Comfort accommodation near the swimming pool is highly sought after, another is in the heart of a green setting, a Classic is unoverlooked, or that this pitch has an unobstructed view, or that this mobile home has an intimate setting…

    Just for you, our directors share their secrets, and let you discover their carefully selected crush accommodations.

    Côté Ô takes you into confidence and reveals its selection of favourites, so that you too can enjoy the most beautiful pitches on each Côté Ô campsite. Nothing is left to chance, each favourite has a choice pitch or a criterion that makes it special.

    These accommodations are unique, and Côté Ô is committed to reserving them for you, by guaranteeing their location number. Treat yourself to serenity for your holidays, and take the opportunity of the “coup de coeur” selection, on each Côté Ô destination.

    Good plans

    Book your 2022 holiday!

    Book your 2022 holiday today,
    to take advantage of the best offers and a wide choice of accommodation!

    Early Booking : get 25% off your stay, on all periods (1)

    Book with peace of mind, Côté Ô offers you the Tranquility Option:
    free cancellation up to D-15, without justification (2)

    Payment in several instalments: opt for easy payment, up to 6 times without charge (3)

    (1) Offer valid for all bookings made before 31/12/21. Offer valid for all periods, on a selection of accommodation.
    (2) Option offered for all bookings made before 31/12/21. Offer valid on all periods and all categories.
    (3) See details and conditions here

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