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Côté Ô Cad’Ô, loyalty program

Because you should be rewarded for your loyalty, Côté Ô Villages & Clubs has created a loyalty programme for you, which allows you to accumulate points and obtain a reward from your first stay!

Each time you book a stay with Côté Ô Villages & Clubs, you earn loyalty points. You convert your points into discounts. Your discounts will be deducted from your next stay.

"Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est décider de partir.
Et le plus dur est fait !"

Collecting your points

Each stay you make generates loyalty points.
For all accommodation, you collect points on the basic amount of the stay, excluding any supplements.
For bare pitches, you collect points on the total amount of the stay, including supplements.
Your stays using loyalty points generate points.
Your points earned can only be used for booking a stay and cannot be used for any financial consideration.
The loyalty programme applies to all our direct customers. Customers who have booked through a partner are not eligible for the loyalty programme.

Type of accommodation Number of points accumulated per € spent Number of points needed to get €1 discount
Favourites 0,75€ = 1 point 10 points = 1 €
Accommodation or pitches
(excluding favourites)
1€ = 1 point 10 points = 1 €


  • I book a stay in 3-bedroom comfort accommodation at 380€, I accumulate 380 points, i.e. 38€ discount on my next stay (all categories included).
  • I book a stay in a 3-bedroom comfort accommodation at 380€, I accumulate 506 points, that’s 50.6€ off my next stay (all categories included).


Using your points

Your loyalty points can be used in all Côté Ô Villages & Clubs campsites.
Your loyalty points are credited to your customer account at the end of your stay.
You can then use them on your next stay.
Your loyalty points expire 24 months after the end of your last stay in one of our campsites.

To use your loyalty points:
Contact our holiday advisors by phone on +335 47 74 30 72 or by email at reservation@cote-o.fr
Our team will inform you of the number of points available in your account and apply the discount to your booking.

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