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Aqua zone
Port Manec'h campsite

photo de l'espace aquatique
photo de l'espace aquatique
photo de l'espace aquatique
photo de l'espace aquatique
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Fun and relaxation

Whether you’re with your family, your other half or your friends, you will love our aqua park with its toboggans for the braver types, paddling pools for the little ones, and large outdoor and indoor pools, both heated to 28°C. You can also enjoy our spacious spa area with waterfall shower for a guaranteed sensation of weightlessness and relaxation after a long walk or an activity-filled day.


reasons you’ll love

our aqua zone

  • 1.Our toboggans, for those slide thrills
  • 2.Our heated outdoor pool, for a breathtaking view over the bay
  • 3.Our heated indoor pool, perfect for swimming whatever the weather
  • 4.The hot tub, for a relaxing bathe
  • 5.The paddling pools, for those tiny tots!
Bord de piscine
Profitez de la mer

Don’t forget to enjoy the sea!

We’re only 200 m from the ocean, so enjoy Port Manec’h beach and its painted wood cabins. Relax and breathe in the pure, salty air.
Adventurers young and old can fish for periwinkles, limpets and crabs at low tide. And if you forget the bucket and spade, the campsite is just a stone’s throw away!

Other nearby beaches

Rospico beach is nestled at the bottom of a cove with plenty of sun and shade. This small beach can be accessed on foot via the GR34 from the campsite start point.
Also located along the GR34, Raguénes beach – nicknamed “Tahiti” by Névéz locals – and its island is accessible during low tide. Dourveil and Kersidan beaches can be used to access the Pointe de Trévignon.
This is the perfect spot for catching a sunset.

"To swim between two waters"

Contact us and getting there

  • venir en voiture
    By car
    By car

    To enjoy the countryside by road, take the Kérampou exit on the National 165, Pont-Aven towards Névez Port-Manec’h. (If you are towing a caravan, do not take the Kérandréo exit as this will take you along the narrow roads of Pont-Aven!)

  • venir en avion
    By plane
    By plane

    You will land either at Lorient airport (Lann Bihoué Ploemeur) or Quimper airport (Pluguffan).

  • venir en train
    By train
    By train

    The closest train station to the campsite is: Rosporden, 18 km away, where a bus will take you to the campsite (Transport Coralie www.coralie-cca.fr)

    Quimperlé 25 km from the campsite Quimper 37 km from the campsite Lorient 45 km from the campsite
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