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    Les alentours

    Soak up the charms of the beach

    With its traditional wood cabins and at just 200 m from the campsite, the beach has been given the Blue Flag label, attesting to the quality of the water and the high safety measures in place.

    At low tide, adults and children alike can enjoy fishing for periwinkles, limpets and crabs.

    Cardinale Sud watersports club is waiting for you at Port Manec’h beach, offering activity courses, individual lessons and watersports equipment hire: dinghies, catamarans, stand up paddle boards, sea kayaks, canoes, motorized boats (no licence required) and semi-rigid inflatables. Campsite holidaymakers get preferential rates.

    Around Port Manec'h


    A town of painters set in the heart of old windmill country, famous Pont-Aven charms anyone who sets foot in it. This is where Paul Gaugin found his voice.

    The village boasts a fine arts museum, artist workshop, art galleries and beginners art courses open to the public.

    Pont-Aven waffles with their rich, buttery flavour are a must try. In Summer visit the Traou Mad cookie factory, founded in 1920.

    Pont Aven

    Concarneau, the Blue Town

    A large port town, Concarneau and its impressive Ville Close is a jewel in the Cornouaille crown. The town has preserved its medieval charm, becoming Brittany’s fourth stronghold when it was fortified in the 14th century.

    The Ville Close houses a Fishing Museum that tells of the maritime traditions of Concarneau and retraces the history of fishing around the world.
    An essential part of Concarneau heritage, the Festival des Filets Bleus (blue fishing nets) is not to be missed.

    Concarneau, la ville bleue

    Quimper, the capital of Cornouaille

    Quimper is proud of its status as “town of Celtic art and history”. The streets and squares are lined with medieval buildings that highlight the Odet river running through the town.

    On certain days, Quimper slips on its old robes, especially when the Cornouaille Festival comes to town.

    Quimper, capitale de la Cornouaille


    Nestled in the side of a heavily forested mountain, Locronan is a delightful town of bluish-grey granite stone. To get a feel for the soul of the place simply wander at your own pace through the streets lined with artisan stalls.

    A favourite spot for film-makers, Locronan owes its architectural beauty to the hemp industry that was the source of its prosperity from the 15th century.


    The Glénan Archipelago

    The Glénan Archipelago is made up of around a dozen islands reminiscent of Polynesia.

    With its see-through emerald waters, it boasts the kind of tropical colours and lagoons that dreams are made of.

    The islands of Penfret and St Nicolas are must-sees. See the flowering of the Glénan narcissus in April.

    L’archipel des Glénan

    Ile de Groix

    The wild and majestic coast of Groix features rugged slopes that plunge into the sea with its pretty little coves.

    As you walk the scrub and hawthorn lined coastal paths of the island of Groix, you’ll come across different washing fountains dotted along the way.

    Ile de Groix

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    Contact us and getting there

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      To enjoy the countryside by road, take the Kérampou exit on the National 165, Pont-Aven towards Névez Port-Manec’h. (If you are towing a caravan, do not take the Kérandréo exit as this will take you along the narrow roads of Pont-Aven!)

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      You will land either at Lorient airport (Lann Bihoué Ploemeur) or Quimper airport (Pluguffan).

    • directions_subway
      By train
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      The closest train station to the campsite is: Rosporden, 18 km away, where a bus will take you to the campsite (Transport Coralie www.coralie-cca.fr)

      • Quimperlé 25 km from the campsite
      • Quimper 37 km from the campsite
      • Lorient 45 km from the campsite
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