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FAQ - Aquatic centres

What are the conditions of access to the water park?

Access to our water parks is prohibited:

  • Children under 10 not accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • People who do not have suitable swimming attire: Swimming shorts, Bermuda shorts or any other loose-fitting clothing not suitable for swimming are not permitted. Authorised clothing must be made of Lycra and/or Neoprene and close to the body. Hats or caps may only be worn on the pool deck, but are not permitted when swimming. Only Lycra and/or Neoprene swimming caps are permitted in the pools.
Can I access the water park without staying at the campsite?

Our water areas are reserved exclusively for our guests. Daytime visitors are not allowed in.

Is the pool area suitable for children?

Yes, all our water parks are suitable for young children. All Côté Ô pools have a paddling pool.

Are armbands and buoys allowed in the pool?

Yes, armbands and buoys are accepted. We do not offer them for hire.

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