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    Terms and conditions

    We request that you read the terms and conditions below carefully.
    These conditions govern the sale of Côté Ô Villages & Clubs stays and are valid the moment the order is placed.
    By booking a stay at Côté Ô Villages & Clubs you fully agree to our terms and conditions.
    The photos used are not contractual.

    Booking conditions

    • Your booking becomes effective only with the approval of the Côté O village & club, after the deposit is received, and after either the completed booking contract is received and signed, or after you accept the terms and conditions of sale during online booking.
    • By booking an Accommodation, the Customer acknowledges they have understood and accepted the current Terms and Conditions.
    • Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions can only be full and complete. Any conditional subscription is considered null and void. These General Conditions of Sale are up to date as soon as they are published online and cancel and replace any previous version.
    • These General Terms and Conditions, as well as the booking summary sent to the Customer, form the residence contract and constitute the entire contractual relationship between the parties.
    • Bookings only bind Côté Ô Villages & Clubs, if Côté Ô Villages & Clubs has accepted them, which Côté Ô Villages & Clubs is free to do or refuse to do, depending on the availability, and generally speaking, on all circumstances likely to affect the implementation of the booking made. Côté Ô Villages & Clubs offers holiday stays that are family-based, in the traditional sense, and the accommodation is specially designed with this in mind. Côté Ô Villages & Clubs reserves the right to refuse any booking that may be inappropriate for or in contrary to this principle.
    • Camping sites and locations are booked strictly on a personal basis. Under no circumstances may you sub-let or transfer your booking without prior consent from the campsite.
    • Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
    • Camping site
      The basic price includes the site for the tent, caravan or campervan for 1 or 2 people, and access to the sanitary and visitor facilities. A maximum of 6 people are allowed per site.
    • Rented accommodation is equipped. The basic price is from 2 to 8 spaces depending on the type of hire accommodation and the village.
    • The Côté Ô Villages & Clubs campsites reserve the right to refuse access to groups or families that arrive in numbers that are higher than the accommodation they have rented.
    • Booking charges
      Excluding special promotional offers, the booking charges are due according to the amount indicated in the booking contract.
    • Our prices do not include:
      -bed sheet hire
      -cancellation insurance
      -handling fees at a flat rate of €35 including VAT for all bookings made online, via telephone or via email.
      -paid activities on offer at each site
      -taxes (tourist taxes/eco-contribution/local taxes)
      -the deposit
      -additional services (WiFi, wristbands, food and drink, security wristbands, car badges, restaurant, theme parks, physical equipment, shuttle services, additional guests). The Company cannot guarantee the availability of any of these additional services.
      The customer should consult reception about the available services and their pricing conditions.
    • Price definition: The accommodation includes;
      -water, gas and electricity
      -reception and inventory
      -Côté Ô Villages and Clubs services and equipment, except if they are paid or optional
      The price applied to the stay is the current price on the day of the booking, and is subject to availability. When a customer asks for a quote, the validity of that quote is indicated on it. Once the validity date has expired, the price indicated on the quote is no longer guaranteed. Subject to the provisions of Article L211-17-2 of the Tourism Code, in the event of an obvious error in the published price, such as an extremely discounted price compared to the average price recorded on the same stay at the same period, the Customer is informed that the contract is deemed void and that their deposit will be refunded or the total price paid without compensation.
    • Retroactivity
      benefits and promotions offered by the Company after the booking date are not retroactive.

    Group booking

    • All bookings of over 4 accommodations by the same physical person or by different physical persons who know each other and are travelling together for the same reasons and on the same dates, staying in the same Côté O campsite, are considered as a group booking.
    • Accommodation offered on the Côté Ô Villages & Clubs commercial website are aimed exclusively at individual customers.
    • For all group booking request, you must contact the appropriate Côté O Villages & Clubs campsite by phone, email or via the “Contact Us” section of our website. The Côté O Villages & Clubs that you’ve contacted reserves the right to assess the booking request before accepting or refusing it.

    Rates and tourist tax

    • Prices indicated are valid for the 2019 season. They correspond to one night and are stated in Euros, VAT included (view the first rates page to see what our prices include).
    • The tourist tax amount varies depending on the commune (see the different village rates pages).

    Payment conditions

    • For bookings made more than 14 days before the beginning of the stay, a deposit of 30% of the total services booked must be paid on booking. The deposit must be paid minimum 14 days before the start date of your stay at the campsite.
    • For bookings made less than 14 days before the beginning of the stay, payment must be paid in full when the campsite is booked.

    Cancellation and changes

    1. Changes to your bookingThe Customer may make changes to their stay at the same campsite (dates and/or accommodation type) by written request to the campsite (letter or email), where possible and depending on availability. Deferrals to the following season will not be accepted. Unless changes are made, the Customer must complete their stay according to the initial booking conditions or cancel the booking according to the booking insurance conditions. Any request to increase the length of your stay will be met according to availability and current rates. Any request to reduce the length of your stay is considered as a partial cancellation and is subject to the terms regarding cancellation and interruption of the stay.

    2. Unused servicesAny stay that is interrupted or shortened (late arrival, early departure) by you will not result in a refund.

    3. Cancellation by Côté Ô Villages & ClubsIn the event of a cancellation by Côté Ô Villages & Clubs, except in cases of force majeure, the stay will be fully refunded. This cancellation will not, however, result in the payment of damages and interest.

    4. Cancellation by the camper-At over 12 weeks (85 days) before the beginning of the say, the Company commits to refunding the customer the total sum paid, after handling fees.
    -At fewer than 12 weeks (84 days), the Company reserves the right to withhold the entire sum paid including handling fees.
    If the customer has not paid the full amount fewer than 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay, the company will consider the stay cancelled by the customer and reserves the right to withhold the entire sum already paid, including handling fees. The customer may take out cancellation insurance should they want to.

    Cancellation insurance

    Cancellation and interruption of stay insurance is offered to the Customer. The Customer may take out this insurance with Gritchen Affinity, a partner of the company. The insurance premium must be paid in full when the booking is made and is not refundable, unless the Customer applies the provisions relating to the withdrawal period in the insurance product they take out.
    In the event of a disaster, the Customer must inform the company within 5 days of its occurrence. The full insurance terms and conditions are available on request.
    The cancellation and interruption of stay insurance reimburses the entire sum paid (excluding the insurance policy fee and handling costs) before the beginning of the stay. If the stay is interrupted, the amount of the rest of the stay will be calculated prorata temporis of the booked stay. Any request for support is firm and final and results in the cancellation of the policy. The customer cannot claim any compensation from Côté O or request the protection of the booking in case of refusal by the insurer.

    Your stay

    1. Arrival

    • Arrival days vary depending on campsite and time of year (see the specific conditions of each village).
    • Rental accommodation: On the day of your arrival at the campsite, you will be met at 4pm, given the keys to your accommodation and asked for a deposit.
    • It is the Customer’s responsibility to carry out an inventory (inventory of equipment, state of equipment and state of cleanliness) of the accommodation within 24 hours of their arrival. Any complaint should be made to an on-site representative of the company. The representative will do their best to quickly resolve it. No complaint will be accepted after this 24-hour period.
    • The Company will not issue a refund, even partial, in the event of an arrival outside of the permitted hours, arrival after the booking date, nor in the event of the Customer’s early departure. In the event that the Customer does not turn up the day after their intended arrival date, and has not informed a company representative by email, the Customer risks having their booking cancelled. The company reserves the right to release the accommodation for sale within 48 hours, without the Customer being able to oppose it.

    2. During your stayIt is the camper’s responsibility to ensure they look after their personal possessions (bikes, etc.). The campsite declines all responsibility in case of any event involving the liability of the camper. All customers must adhere to the rules of procedure. Each named renter is responsible for noise and disturbances caused by the people staying with them or visiting them.

    3. Departure

    • Rental accommodation: On the day of departure indicated on your contract, the hired accommodation must be vacated by 10am. The accommodation will be handed over in a perfect state of cleanliness and the inventory may be checked. You will be charged for any broken or damaged object, and for the cleaning of the room if necessary. The deposit will be returned at the end of your stay after the withheld compensation is deducted – on production of supporting invoices – for any damages noticed during the final inspection. The retention of the deposit does not preclude additional compensation in the event of the expenses being greater than the amount of the deposit.
    • Rental accommodation: In the event of the rented accommodation not having been cleaned before departure, a fixed cleaning fee of at least €70 including tax will be charged (see the Rates page of each campsite).
    • For any delayed departure, you may be charged for an additional day at the price applicable for that night.


    The customer will be asked to pay a deposit when they receive the keys. The client is responsible for checking whether anything is missing from their accommodation and informing staff on the same day. Any complaint regarding the inventory, general state and cleanliness of the accommodation should be brought to the attention of the host by the customer within 24 hours of arrival, in order to remedy the situation. No complaint will be accepted after this period. The deposit is returned to the customer after the host has checked the inventory, state and cleanliness or the accommodation. In the event of a departure outside of the inspection time, the deposit will be returned to the customer along with the invoice for their stay with 48 hours of their departure.

    • The accommodation should be handed back in perfect condition, tidied and with a checked inventory. Any broken, damaged or missing items will be charged to the customer, as will the cost of cleaning the accommodation if necessary.
    • The customer is responsible for cleaning and tidying the accommodation at the end of their stay.
      – If the customer benefits from an “End-of-stay cleaning” service (free or charged), they must leave the accommodation in overall good condition, tidied, with a clean fridge and freezer, the tableware cleaned and stowed away and the bins emptied. Otherwise, the host reserves the right to issue the customer with a supplementary cleaning invoice, the amount of which may be the equivalent of the total cleaning service price of the accommodation in question.
      – If the customer does not benefit from an “End-of-stay cleaning” service, they are responsible for ensuring the entire accommodation is cleaned and tidied, ready for the next guest. In the event that the customer has not properly cleaned the accommodation before their check-out, the host reserves the right to issue them a cleaning invoice at the current rate (see rates), plus €35 including tax.
      – Côté O Villages & Clubs may ask for additional deposits for certain items of equipment.


    Pets are allowed in certain Côté Ô Villages & Clubs (excluding 1st and 2nd category dogs) for an additional fee payable on booking. Where pets are allowed, they must be kept on a lead at all times. They are not permitted by the pools, in the food retailers or in the buildings. You must have an updated vaccination record for any cats and dogs.


    Côté O may ask for a visitor tax for any day visitor. It may be the case that a particular Côté O Villages & Clubs campsite does not accept visitors or that the visitor tax does not grant them access to all the services at the Village & Club (aqua park, sports pitches, restaurants, etc.).


    You give permission to Côté Ô Villages & Clubs, as well as to any person representing Côté Ô Villages & Clubs, to photograph, record or film you during your stay at Côté O Villages & Clubs and to use these images, sounds, videos and recordings in any media (particularly on Côté O Villages & Clubs sites or web pages – including Facebook -, in Côté O Villages & Clubs presentation and promotional materials and in travel or tourist guides). This permission is valid both for you and anyone staying with you. Its sole purpose is to promote and advertise the establishments and the Côté O Villages & Clubs network, and will in no way harm your reputation. This permission is granted free of charge, for all countries and for a period of 5 years.

    Modification of feedback

    The customer is informed and accepts that feedback they give regarding their stay may be used in promotional materials. In this event, the feedback may be modified so that it can be fully understood by everyone. However, the positive or negative aspect will never be modified.


    Any complaint regarding services that do not conform to contractual commitments must, where possible, be brought to the attention of the manager by the Customer during their stay, in order for the former to take note of it or remedy the situation. If the manager is unable to remedy the situation on site, the Customer may contact Côté Ô Villages & Clubs or the relevant campsite manager by email or post to the following address:

    Services Réclamations
    1 avenue Neil Armstrong
    Bâtiment A
    33700 Mérignac


    In the event of a dispute with one of the campsites of our group, you may contact us as follows: By sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the manager of the campsite concerned; by posting a copy of this letter to customer service at Côté O Villages & Clubs – 1 avenue Neil Armstrong – Building A – 33700 Mérignac If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can contact the Medicys Mediation Centre one month after sending the original letters/emails. You’ll need to submit an online application at www.medicys.fr or by post to: Medicys – 73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 PARIS.

    Côté Ô Villages & Clubs’ responsibility

    The customer expressly acknowledges that Côté O Villages & Clubs cannot be held responsible for communication by its partners or for any false information supplied by a third party that is mentioned in the Côté O Villages & Clubs brochure or on its website concerning its locations, and in particular concerning presentation photos, descriptions, activities, entertainment, services and dates of operation. All photos and texts used in the Côté Ô Villages & Clubs brochure and on the website are non-contractual. These are only indicative in nature. Certain activities and facilities offered by Côté Ô Villages & Clubs mentioned in the brochure description may be cancelled or closed, particularly due to adverse weather or acts of god as defined by French law.

    Data protection and freedom of information

    The information you give us when making your booking will not be forwarded to any third party. Côté Ô Villages & Clubs will treat this information as confidential. It will only be used by Côté Ô Villages & Clubs internal services to process your order, and to improve and personalise communication and services aimed at Côté Ô Villages & Clubs customers according to your interests. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose personal data concerning you. To do this simply write to us at the following address, including your name, surname and address:

    Côté Ô Villages & Clubs
    1 avenue Neil Armstrong
    Bâtiment A
    33700 Mérignac
    N° SIRET : 432 366 839 00038

    General provisions

    In the event that any of the clauses of the current contract becomes null and void by a change of legislation, regulation or by a court decision, this can in no way affect the validity of and compliance with the current terms and conditions.
    Any booking is strictly personal to the Customer who made it, to the extent that the rights and obligations resulting from the contract cannot be transferred in any form whatsoever to third parties by the Customer, without prior written permission from the Company.
    The Customer agrees to comply with the provisions of the internal regulations of Côté O, and to ensure anyone residing with them and under their responsibility complies with said provisions. In the event of repeated or serious failure to comply with these dispositions and the current terms and conditions, the Customer may be asked to leave the Côté O Villages & Clubs site with their party before the end of their stay. In this case, requests for refund or compensation will not be accepted.
    The Customer is responsible for taking out liability insurance from their preferred insurer.

    Applicable law

    The current terms and conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute arising between the Parties relating to the interpretation or fulfilment of the contract which cannot be amicably resolved by the Parties, shall be submitted to the competent court except for mandatory provisions contrary to public policy, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or pleadings, even in the event of a summary procedure.

    General Data Protection Regulations

    The European Data Protection Regulation n° 2016-678 of 27/04/2016 obliges us to comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

    Objective of data collection

    All the personal data whose communication is requested is necessary for the execution of the services of the residence permit. Failure to provide this information would therefore prevent the conclusion and/or execution of the residence permit.

    Data Limitation :

    • The information collected by the campsite is necessary for the execution of this holiday voucher. The campsite will not process any data for any other purpose than the execution of this voucher.

    Data transfer

    We undertake to transfer this information only to internal departments and service providers or subcontractors involved in your stay.

    These personal data are as follows:

    • Civil status, address
    • Phone number and numerical coordinates
    • Name, first name and age of participants
    • Booking elements
    • Accommodation elements

    Security of personal data

    We take every precaution to preserve the security, confidentiality and integrity of the data collected and any misuse of this data.

    Rights of the persons concerned

    You have the right to exercise, in the hypotheses defined by the regulations,

    • Your access rights,
    • Your rights of rectification,
    • Your deletion rights,
    • Your portability rights,

    relating to data concerning you as well as the right to request the limitation or to object to the processing.

    These rights can be exercised by contacting Pascale ESPAILLARD, ” +33 5 35 54 68 30 ” acting as RGPD referent of the Coté Ô campsite.

    Data Retention

    The personal data collected within the framework of this contract of stay and for its execution will be kept 2 years at the end of the stay, except for the duration necessary for the exercise or the defence by the campsite of its rights in justice if an action in this sense was undertaken.

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    Cancellation guarantee

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